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Sounders familiar?

Sounders familiar? That's because its not the first time this season we've seen a team sponsored by the countries leading sounder group take out a ...

Berkley Challenge – Sydney Harbour

  Ok here’s one for all you bream hunters, be it the hardened pro, the up and comer, the opportunist and if nothing else the chancy ...

Bass Entries Now Open

Thats right, entries to Austackle Round One are now open. Go for it! Click here for the entry form.

Sounders Like a Win

  Last time BETS paid a visit to Lake Macquarie for the final round of the 2013 season it was an absolute fish fest - five ...

BETS Bass Dates

Well the dates may have leaked on Facebook already - ok that was us but only to keep you entertained - and now there's a ...

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Following on from the hugely successful 2013 Berkley Evinrude Teams Series Berkley has again joined forces with BRP Australia and a miriad of sponsors to bring the 2014 Berkley Evinrude Team Series.

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